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Dream Vendor ‘Mr Drug Commander’ Admits Drug Trafficking

Late last year, the German Federal Criminal Police Office announced the arrest of a so-called “top vendor” who, according to an official press release, had been selling methamphetamine, ecstasy, and other drugs on the now-defunct Hansa darknet market and Dream market. The vendor now faces a week long trial in a court in Coburg for the large scale and commercial trafficking of narcotics.

The 30-year-old man, a citizen of the Netherlands, admitted selling drugs on darknet markets under the usernames “mrdrogenkommandant” and “drogenfahndung”. Mr. Drug Commander, a name the media really took a liking to, admitted selling hundreds of kilograms of drugs to buyers across the globe. However, a significant number of his customers lived in Germany. And, in an effort to evade law enforcement in the Netherlands, the employed a significant number of “young people” who drove packages of drugs from the Netherlands post offices in Germany.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) had learned of these trips. With assistance from law enforcement in the cities where the co-conspirators had previously dropped off packages, the BKA apprehended the “young people” after they had crossed into Germany but before they had mailed any packages. In total, they had arrested six co-conspirators. All six, investigators revealed, provided information vital to the arrest and prosecution of the primary defendant.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Coburg focused on two parts of the crimes the 30-year-old had already confessed he had committed: the drugs the “young people” carried into Germany and the drugs discovered at the man’s apartment. The police only charged him with the drugs seized from his co-conspirators or drugs linked immediately back to them. The co-conspirators, at the time of their arrests, had a total of 42 kilograms of drugs in their possession. Marijuana was the majority of the weight.

At his apartment, the police discovered 80 kilograms of drugs. His apartment contained mostly methamphetamine and amphetamine. Authorities reportedly discovered marijuana, heroin, and MDMA as well. An unknown amount of drugs were also discovered at hotels the 30-year-old had been renting in Germany.

Judge Klaus Halves, presiding, recognized that the defendant had lived a difficult life. Both parents had heavily used drugs. His mother, for an unknown reason, had fled Germany when the defendant was young. She had fled to Netherlands for a temporary stay until she had solved whatever problems she had been facing. However, she learned that if she left the Netherlands, she would have lost custody of her son. At 14-years-old, the defendant had already developed an addiction to hard drugs, the court heard.

The defendant had already asked about receiving treatment only two days into the trial—something the court considered entirely unusual in such a serious case. But, he had already admitted his crimes and had no intention of fighting the charges. Even though the man has made attempts to speed up the trial, no verdict will be heard until July 17.

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